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About comparedinkum

The origins of the term 'fair dinkum' go back to the early Aussie Goldfields where Chinese workers used the term 'Din Kum' to confirm that a deal was fair, honest and true. Din Kum is loosely translated as 'Fair Gold'. We think that the same principles should apply today. The internet provides a proliferation of confusing deals and offers meaning it's hard to sift through the 'grit' and reveal the 'gold'. comparedinkum is dedicated to helping consumers by comparing, rating and reviewing products and services to enable them to make the right choices and find the right deal. Let us help you to save your fair share of gold.

Useful information when comparing products

We provide the visual tools necessary to evaluate and pick from a range of personal finance options, from credit card comparisons through to savings account comparisons . You will not find specific recommendations being given to products, but a clear and uncluttered easy to view display that allows you to make a judgement on the financial products being offered. To help you make the right choices we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes that we hope will help you make the best finance choice for your own situation.

Before you start your search

Each credit card provider has its strengths and its weaknesses and each person’s final choice is based on their own personal finance goals. If you have a track record of incurring extra charges on your credit card, it’s worth checking these charges against any new credit card agreement that you are going to enter into. For example if you need to withdraw cash from an ATM then most credit cards agreements will make two charges for the use of this service: one as a percentage on the amount of money that you withdraw, while the second is an APR on the money that you withdraw. It’s therefore worth writing down before you begin your search the essential features that you are going to need on your credit card so you have a good point of reference. Once you start looking through the offers it may become more difficult to distinguish between them once your search is underway as there are a number of offers available at any one time. This small step of preparation can save you time and money in the long-run.

Always Check APR’s

Bear in mind when looking at credit card comparison charts that APR quotes offered by banks are quoted typically for those customers that have high credit ratings. It’s therefore worth double checking the exact APR you will be expected to pay when signing up to any personal finance or business product. It will help you to avoid nasty surprises and keep you ahead of the game.

Credit card protection schemes

While buyer protection schemes are appealing we recommend that you also look at insurance providers to see what the cost might be to have buyer protection on your credit card incorporated into an existing policy, it might work out cheaper for you.

If you’re unsure take independent financial advice beforehand

Whether you are looking to compare your existing credit card with the market, or looking to change from a no annual fee credit card to a reward scheme credit card, we recommend that if you are unsure about what is going to be the best type of credit card for your own personal finance situation, that you also take advice from a financial expert. By following these simple steps you can be sure of picking the right kind of credit card for your own financial position.

Latest Finance News and Views from comparedinkum

Qantas To Offer Competitive Branded Rewards Cards

Australians are increasingly turning away from credit cards which have low value rewards schemes. One company that has noticed this trend and in response has decided to launch its own branded reward-focused platinum credit card by the financial year end. The issuing bank will be Citi and it will be powered by MasterCard. The card will offer its holders lots of points that can be earned combined with exclusive travel benefits. Continue reading

Australians Turning To Automated Investing Options After Being Priced Out Of The Property Market

Australians who cannot purchase property in a market that is overheated are looking at other investments to bolster their wealth. Property prices in capital cities, especially Sydney and Melbourne have sky rocketed whilst money held in the bank generates just two per cent. This means savers have to consider alternative ways to grow their wealth. Ray Corcoran who runs his own business has delayed purchasing property and has instead chosen to invest his cash using a Robo-adviser. Continue reading

HSBC Integrates Apple Pay Into Credit Card Offering

HSBC has joined a growing number of banks that have implemented Apple Pay for their credit card customers. Graham Heunis who heads up the bank’s Retail and Wealth Management division says that HSBC has launched Apple Pay in five other markets globally and was excited to bring the technology to its Australians customers. Mr Heunis says the vast majority of HSBC’s customers credit card payments are already contactless and the lender’s experience in other markets suggests that it can expect an increase in contactless payments as its customers quickly adopt Apple Pay. Continue reading

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