Australia In Grip Of Underemployment Epedemic

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New research suggests that Australia is being gripped by an epidemic of underemployment, with as many as 784,000 people seeking to earn more pay by working more hours but being unable to do so.

The disparity between the sexes has also grown with mean seeing their incomes rise by 5.3 per cent in contrast to just 3.9 per cent for women.

The average man makes $1,323 a week with the amount increasing to $1,576 when full time employees are counted. In contrast women make $839 and $1,243 respectively.

The disparity in pay between the sexes reduces when full time employees are considered.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data suggests there is a large number of people who wish to work more hours but are unable to do so.

The data suggests that younger people spend less time underemployed than older workers, but that nearly a quarter of those under the age of 45 in part time jobs want more hours.

Of the 730,900 people holding part time jobs in September, 53,000 were actually full time employees who were working less than 35 hours a week because there was not enough work available.

The problem is even more acute for female part time employees. Seventy per cent of all male part time employees wanted full time work and about fifty per cent of all female employees wanted more hours.

Roughly 345,000 people were actively looking for additional work and had either asked their employers for more hours or looked for jobs on the internet and contacted potential new employers.

Those who found there was no extra work available were most commonly told there were either too many applicants for open position or there were no vacancies available.

About a third of all men said they would be prepared to move to another part of the state with about a fifth of all women saying they would relocate for a job.

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