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Home Insurance Explained

Home insurance offers protection against the event that either your home or its contents are damaged. It also provides financial protection against damage and injury that you may have caused to someone else’s property. If you are a mortgage holder your lender will more often than not, require you to take out a home insurance policy.

There are a few different types of home insurance policy, ranging from very basic to policies which offer comprehensive coverage.

What’s covered and what’s not

Most home insurance policies will cover property damage in the event of fire or bad weather and vandalism.  Typically rare events such as earthquakes and floods tend to be excluded, but some policies will cover them so you should check. If your policy does not cover certain events you can take out supplemental insurance which will ensure you have peace of mind.

What most standard homeowners policies provide

  • Dwelling coverage.
  • Personal property coverage.
  • Loss of use coverage.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Additional home coverages.

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