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iSelect are one of Australia’s most established providers of health care and you can save up to 30% by comparing policies from 4 different health funds.

Why Choose This Policy?
  • Save up to 30% on health insurance costs.
  • Compare health insurance policies from leading providers.
Additional Information
  • Completing your details should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Key Features

iSelect have been around since 2000, and pride themselves on providing ease of comparison and choice to customers, making it easier to compare and save when purchasing health insurance.

  • Save up to 30% on health insurance costs
  • Choose from different types of health insurance cover
  • Offers access to policies from 4 different health funds; Manchester Unity, NIB, HCF and AHM (Australian Health Management).

Getting an iSelect Health Insurance Quote

The process should take no longer than 10 minutes as you are take through a questions relating to your health insurance needs and requirements. Your info will be analysed by iSelect, and you will be given a shortlist of policies which will be ranked in order of best fit to the information you provide. You can then select the best health insurance policy that suits your situation.

There is no cost for this service and you do not pay extra should you choose a health insurance policy through iSelect.

Our Review

Choosing an insurance policy can be a little bewildering, one of the more complicated policies is the choice of health insurance. This is because potential medical liabilities can be complex. There are many health insurance providers in the market, but choosing the best fit for you can be quite difficult. This is where iSelect health insurance comes in. The service will help you select the best policy from a wide range of providers that best suits your requirements.

iSelect is your one stop shop for health insurance needs, a single visit will really make your options clear and you can go about simply choosing the policy you prefer rather than visiting each provider.

The best thing about the iSelect service is it is completely free of charge, instead of levying a fee on you for helping you select the best health insurance policy for you, they charge the insurance company instead. If for whatever reason you are not happy with the service provided by your insurer, iSelect provide a number of options including customer service that is designed to help take care of your problem for no additional charge.

The whole idea behind this service is to quickly show you what choices are available to you and save you time and money in comparing health insurance providers.

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