Banking Guides

Money Musts Before You Die

Planning for your death can feel disconcertingly complex, not to mention morbid. However in a few relatively simple steps you can go a long way towards making things much easier for your loved ones if the worst were to happen.

Guide to Choosing an Accountant

An accountant can be very useful in helping you negotiate your financial affairs. They can help you understand your liabilities and work to reduce unnecessary payments. However, there are a lot of accountants out there to choose from, so how do you decide which one to go with? Here are a few guidelines to help you choose.

Getting a Windfall - Things to Consider

Getting a financial windfall can be a life changing experience. The sudden arrival of a large lump sum of cash, be it unexpectedly - through a lottery win or an inheritance for instance, or by design - when selling an asset, as an example - can be both exciting and disorientating. Here are some things to consider should you receive a windfall.