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Travel Insurance Explained

If you are travelling abroad or domestically for that matter it pays to have travel insurance which exists to protect your investment in your travel plan and ensures you don’t miss out and if necessary receive the right medical attention. In the event of a medical emergency in the United States for example the payout can run hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What should be covered by my travel insurance?

As we have mentioned the most important thing to be covered is Emergency Medical. The quality of this coverage varies so read the fine print and look for a policy with a high level of cover. You also want to know whether your insurer will airlift you home, or if you are unable to move whether they will pay to fly your family out. You should also ensure you know your luggage is covered in the case of damage, theft or loss.

Important inclusions for your policy

  • Cancellation.
  • Travel delay.
  • Airline and end supplier insolvency.
  • Personal liability

Generally making a claim once you get back home is straight forward, you should keep all your receipts and submit the forms along with any documentation that supports you claim such as police reports. If the claim is accepted you will be reimbursed in a couple of weeks.

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