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Football Fans Travelling To See The World Cup Urged To Protect Themselves With Travel Insurance

Post by Sharat on May 14, 2018 · Under insurance · Comments Off on Football Fans Travelling To See The World Cup Urged To Protect Themselves With Travel Insurance 

As summer approaches in the Northern hemisphere, it’s no secret that Australian football fans are counting down the days to this year’s World Cup. It would appear however that travel insurer Allianz is also busy making preparations for arguably the biggest sporting event of the year. Allianz is seeking to remind Aussie football fans who intend to visit Russia to exercise a little caution before making the journey. The insurer says that the Government of Australia has advised its nationals travelling to Russia to exercise a great deal of caution which Allianz says is a sentiment it echoes.

Make sure you are prepared

Crime and violence are real threats anytime you go abroad so Allianz is sending a message to travellers that it is extremely important that they are properly prepared before departing Australia. According to Allianz, medical and hospital expenses are one of the top three claims made by travellers who visited Russia since 2015. This mean it is necessary for travellers to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Covered for emergency medical care

There is a real difference in the quality of healthcare in Russia compared to Australia and should someone become injured or fall seriously ill it is highly likely they will need medical evacuation in order to obtain the necessary care. Receiving medical treatment abroad can become expensive very quickly so the insurer is urging football fans making the pilgrimage and all travellers for that matter, to purchase comprehensive travel insurance so that they know they are covered in the event of any issues arising.

Not everyone heeds the advice

It may seem that this advice is fairly obvious but according to the 2017 Australian Travel Insurance Report, 8 per cent of Australians who went abroad, did so without purchasing any travel insurance. As if that isn’t enough, of those people who said they travelled without insurance, 52 per cent admitted they participated in risky activities such as rock climbing or water sports.

Do your homework

It goes without saying that it is foolish to venture overseas without protecting yourself by purchasing travel insurance. This is particularly true if you are visiting a country where English is not widely spoken. Australians who intend to travel to Russia for the World Cup should do their homework and look for the best deal on insurance and make their travel arrangements well in advance. This will give you both peace of mind and ensure you are protected.

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