Are You Missing Out On Benefit Payments?

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If you’re entitled to receive benefits and payments, then it’s important that you’re aware of these and can take action if not doing so already. Whether you believe that you’re entitled to these benefits or unsure, it’s worth your time to have a quick check! Checking can only take a few moments of your time, but could potentially lead to a much needed outcome for you and others. This aims to give a general overview over the possible benefits and payments. In the case that you feel items apply to you, take a greater in-depth look at the Payment Finder.

In initial overview, the sections of people open to receiving benefits are categorised as:
• Carers
• Families
• Indigenous Australians
• Job seekers
• Older Australians
• People with disability
• Rural and remote Australians
• Students and trainees
• Visa holders

Some benefit payments will be more obvious to people than others may be. For example, the unemployment and job seekers benefits are more commonly heard about. Yet, other such payments are also available to assist with transport and mobility costs for lesser-able persons.

Carers have several payments and services available to them, be it for parents or younger people, severe disabilities or for someone who is of frail age. You may already be receiving some form of carer payment, but still the availability of the Carer Supplement is open. This is an annual lump sum to assist carers with the costs involved in looking after a dependent and the services they need. These sorts of payments are of vital importance to tell others about, a little extra money can go a long way in caring for someone.

Indigenous Australians can find help for a variety of situations. One such example here is helping with the costs of transport to school for children who live in far and isolated communities or have special health needs.

For rural Australians, there are rebates and supplements for farming families. This is to ensure that those in financial hardship can meet their daily household requirements and strive to improve long term financial security.

Students will know all too well how hard finances can become. Rest assured that financial support is available with the costs involved be it finishing school, going into tertiary education or deciding to enrol in an Australian Apprenticeship. Childcare assistance is also available for those raising children whilst in the previously mentioned educational settings. This may include child daycare as well as after and before school care.

After a hard working life, those older Australians who have retired or plan on retiring can enjoy benefits too. This is intended to help support household costs and health care. The Age Pension is such an income support payment to provide a good standard of living whilst enjoying life in retirement; calculated on income, assets and other various factors. In addition, Rent Assistance or Pension Supplement may also be available.

With all this in mind, the message throughout is that there are a multitude of schemes, benefits and payments open to a wide section of the Australian public. These transcend location, age and race, making it important that you check to make sure you’re not missing out. Everyone deserves a helping hand when they need it, so get online or call Centrelink’s Financial Information!

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