Shop Around Before Taking Out Travel Insurance

Post by Sharat on July 28, 2018 · Under insurance · Comments Off on Shop Around Before Taking Out Travel Insurance 

Australians like to flock to Europe to soak up the sun this time of year as they seek to escape the increasingly cold winter. Last year an estimated 1.5 million Aussies visited Europe according to data from Tourism Australia. It’s not just Europe people are travelling to, many are taking holidays in other Pacific Island countries as well. So the question becomes one of whether it is worth purchasing an annual travel insurance policy that will cover the holder for a 12-month period.

Check out the options

Well the most obvious answer to that is whether the higher up-front cost makes financial sense, so one must compare single-trip costs versus annual travel insurance policies. If you plan to travel a lot over the course of a year, then this comparison is definitely worth making. Whilst you may find that you do save a few bucks by taking out single-trip policies you should shop around and weigh up your options. There are indeed some big savings to be had so long as you shop around for quotes. Before taking out travel insurance do your due diligence and make sure you receive the level of coverage and features that best fit your personal requirements.

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